News: Would you run/walk or jog the MINI Marathon for IHA?


We are looking for volunteers to walk, run or jog for the Irish Haemochromatosis Association C.L.G..

Entries open 1st March

If you would like to do the marathon for the Irish Haemochromatosis Association C.L.G. please contact us by emailing your details to We would be delighted to send you a T-shirt and sponsorship card.

Date/Time:                       Bank Holiday Monday, 5th June 2017 at 2.00pm

Distance:                           10K.

Start Line:                         Fitzwilliam Street Upper, Dublin 2.

Finish Line:                         Baggot Street Upper, Dublin 2

Entry Process:                    

All participants must enter either on the official Entry Form which will appear in The Herald every Wednesday and Saturday from 1st March 2017 or online at

Entry Opening Date:             1st March 2017

Entry Closing Date:             28th April 2017 or when maximum number of entries is reached.

Fee:                                 €20.00 entry fee + €1 processing charge

Qualification Times and age requirements:

Elite Runner:         Under 45  minutes for 10K.   Minimum age 18 years.

Runner:                 Under 60  minutes for 10K.   Minimum age 18 years.

Fast jogger:           Under 75   minutes for 10K (or under 30 mins for 5K.)   Minimum age 14 years.

Jogger:                  Under 100 minutes for 10K  (or under 40 mins for 5K.)   Minimum age 14 years.

Walker:                  Open to all - no qualification time required. Minimum age 14 years.

For Safety reasons, we have different Categories, each with their own Starting Area. You can only enter the category for which you have achieved the qualifying time, in the past two years. However, if, after you have submitted your Entry, you achieve a faster qualifying time in an official race, you can be upgraded on receipt of your race results before May 12th.

Please Note

The number of entries is strictly limited.  To avoid disappointment enter early as any entries received after closing date or when maximum number has been reached (whichever is earlier) will not be processed. Once an entry is complete no refunds are allowed.

 This Event is strictly for FEMALES ONLY



Check out Mini Marathon FAQ 

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