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The Irish Haemochromatosis Association C.L.G. (IHA) is a support group for haemochromatosis patients and their families and for those who are interested in the disorder, but who may not suffer from haemochromatosis. 

The aim of the IHA is to raise awareness of Haemochromatosis both in the medical and the general population. Early diagnosis and treatment of this condition prevents organ damage and saves lives.  

If you would like to become a member of the Irish Haemochromatosis Association C.L.G. please visit our Membership page for more information. Please note - our membership is made up of people who suffer from haemochromatosis and those who do not have haemochromatosis (but are interested in the condition), the medical community, including nurses, GPs, consultants and family members of those with haemochromatosis. We welcome new members who have haemochromatosis and those who do not have the disorder, but who are interested in finding out more.

Registered Charity CHY No. 14876
Charities Regulatory No. 20049737
Voice Mail: 01 873 5911
Email: [email protected]

The IHA is compliant with the Charity Regulator’s Code of Compliance and the Data Protection Act.

For further information, please contact our Executive Director, Miriam Forde, [email protected]

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The Board


Margaret Mullett

















Margaret Mullett Chairperson














Margaret Mullett  is Chairperson of the Irish Haemochromatosis Association and is a retired Chemistry/Biology  teacher .  

She became involved with the Association after her husband, Dr George Mullett, died in June 2000. He had only been diagnosed  with Haemochromatosis  six weeks before his death, despite attending a specialist  for an irregular heart beat for the  previous  six years.  The family were then genetically tested for Haemochromatosis and all five adult children tested positive. This was because Margaret  herself also had the two mutated genes  and has Haemochromatosis. 

Margaret ‘s  goal is to make needless suffering and premature death from undiagnosed hemochromatosis a thing of the past.  Over 20,000 Irish people have  been  diagnosed with Haemochromatosis but there are at least another 20,000 people as yet undiagnosed .

This work of the IHA would not be possible without the incredible help given by the very hard working Board and the many  volunteers  who man stand both at the National Awareness Day and  the National Ploughing Championship


Brendan Keenan




Brendan Keenan Treasurer


Brendan Keenan is the treasurer of the IHA. He was diagnosed with Haemochromatosis in 2005. Brendan is originally from Cavan and retired as Deputy Principal  of Synge Street Secondary School, Dublin in 2012. As well as seeing to all the financial affairs of the IHA, Brendan helps to organise Haemochromatosis Information meetings, the Awareness Day and the stand at the National Ploughing Championship.


Kate Geoghegan




Kate Geoghegan Secretary

Kate Geoghegan is Secretary of the IHA and has been actively involved with the Association since 2002. She was appointed to the Board in 2011 and was subsequently appointed as Secretary in 2014. 

Kate works tirelessly to raise awareness of haemochromatosis and the importance of early diagnosis

Kate is a full time teacher in the PLC sector.  She is married with two children and by a strange coincidence they were both diagnosed with Haemochromatosis in 2010. 



Leo Mullett




Leo Mullett Board Member

Leonora was diagnosed with Haemochromatosis in 2000 and has been involved in the Association since 2005. Leonora is a qualified solicitor and works full time.



Maurice Manning





Dr Maurice Manning is Chancellor of the National University of Ireland and a former Senator. Maurice has Haemochromatosis and felt very lucky to have been diagnosed in time. As a board member, Maurice has been an incredible help to the IHA and has been very involved in negotiations on our behalf with several politicians including Mary Harney, James Reilly, Leo Varadkar and Simon Harris. 


He was a member of a working party set up in 2006 by Mary Harney to examine the nature and extent of Haemochromatosis in Ireland. Maurice was also a member of the working party set up in 2016 by Leo Varadkar to draw up Models of Care for venesection and haemochromatosis.

Philip Maree


Philip Maree has been a volunteer for the Irish Haemochromatosis Association over many years, organising Awareness Days in Sligo, doing radio and press interviews on an annual basis. Philip is a retired Garda Sergeant and has worked internationally with the UN in Cyprus. He is active in the GAA and has participated in many cross-border projects. Philip is currently Service Lead with Moving Parents and Children Together and the Alcohol Forum.


Ann Campbell




Ann Campbell Board Member

Ann Campbell from Mullingar has been on the board of the IHA since her retirement from teaching. She has previously been secretary of the association.

Every year the IHA has a stand for three days at the National Ploughing Championships and it was Ann who originally suggested this venue as an event opportunity to target a huge cross-section of the population. She has actively participated in manning the stand over the years.  Ann has also helped with the Awareness day and helped organise information meetings nationwide.



Derek McCabe




Derek McCabe brings a wealth of business and non-profit experience to the work of the Irish Haemochromatosis Association. Derek was the former Chair of Cluid Housing and Chair of Extern for a number of years. He received the Charity Impact Trustee of the Year Award in 2017. Derek is also a successful business person, with a background in civil engineering and sustainable building projects and manages his farming and agricultural businesses in Cavan.



Frank McHugh

Frank Mchugh has recently joined the board of the IHA. Frank is from Cork and has just retired from the pharmaceutical  industry after 40 years.

He was diagnosed with Haemochromatosis in 1998  and has been  a very helpful and active a member of the IHA since the association was started.