You can join or renew your membership of the Irish Haemochromatosis by choosing the Standard €20 membership fee or Subsidised membership of €10 (for unwaged or retired members). You can also choose the Standing Order option. 


We welcome and encourage patients, their families, members of the medical community, including GPs, nurses, consultants and others interested in the condition to join our Association. Together we are stronger! 

Membership Benefits:

  • All members receive our Members & Supporters Newsletter three times a year
  • You have access to our IHA Handbook, information booklets and flyers, record cards and other information materials on request
  • You can be an advocate for raising awareness of Haemochromatosis, helping sufferers, families and the medical profession - you do not have to have haemochromatosis to help us as an advocate! Early diagnosis and treatement of Haemochromatosis prevents organ damage and saves lives.
  • Members are informed about regional meetings and can attend, vote and participate in the AGM


By Post: If you would like to complete a hard copy of our membership form, please email Miriam at [email protected]